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  • ReSolve: High Quality Renewable Solvents

  • Solvents are ubiquitous chemicals used widely in coatings, adhesives, industrial and domestic cleaning (degreasing) products, and many types of manufacturing. The purpose of the solvent in a formulation or process is to dissolve other substances, either to allow them to mix and perform their function effectively (e.g. to disperse the pigment in a paint) or remove them from a surface (e.g. a paint stripper). In Europe the solvent industry directly employs more than ten thousand people with sales of over 5 million tonnes (worth €3 billion) every year. The global solvents market is about 30 million tonnes and growing at about 2% per annum. Click here to read the article published in BE-sustainable magazine.
  • 21-06-17: Bio-based solvent EU project launched

  • ReSolve Consortium Members at the Kick of Meeting in York in June 2017
  • ReSolve, a €4.3 million EU project focused on replacing traditional, fossil-based solvents, was officially launched Thursday June 15. Led by the University of York, the project consortium is comprised of 11 partners from 5 different countries.
  • You can read the entire press release here.